The boys have reached the semifinals on "Face Off." This week they face their biggest challenge when they have to manage their time while creating a new life form.

After making a visit to the set of the new Syfy show "Defiance" the artists were challenged to take two of the more exotic aliens and produce a new life - as if the two had pro-created.

Back in the lab the guys get to work but find that going big presents more problems with time management since they have the same amount of time to complete the project. While Anthony found enough time to complete his mold by the end of day two; the other guys ran out of time and were not able to use the foam latex they wanted but had to use poly foam on application day, just hours before applying the prosthetics.

Kris' mold ripped in a number of places and he had to spend extra time repairing it.

On the reveal stage "Defiance" director and producer Michael Mankin joined judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page at the judge's table.

The judges like the detail of the face on Wayne's character - the lip and nose - and how he successfully bridged the skull and shoulders. Saying that Anthony did the best job of morphing the two characters, the judges were impressed with his creation; adding that they liked the paint scheme and the creation showed so much character.

Kris had a cool vibe about his character and was scary in an appropriate way; but also felt that it was anatomically atrocious.

While disturbing the judges in the right way, they said that Eric's character told a story; but while he had done some funky stuff in the past this character was not one of them.

Before revealing any results Glenn said that all of the guys deserve to be in the finale.

The winner of the "Defiance" challenge and the first artist into the finale was Anthony. For winning Anthony will get to shadow the makeup artists on the set of "Defiance."

Also moving on to the finale was Kris and even though he was sure he would be going home Wayne is in the finale.

Eric was eliminated but Ve said that she was excited to see what Eric would be coming up with in the future.

For next week's finale the artists go to Las Vegas.