In a two night event “Face Off” will reveal the winner for the season in a live television event after the fans choose the winner for the first time in show history; but first the three finalists will have to face a double challenge.

Before making their way to the lab the artists receive video calls from family members.

Finalists Laura, Nicole, and Derek are met in the lab by a big Halloween display and host McKenzie Westmore.  The challenge Immortal Enemies the artists must create two original characters – a demon who creates chaos in the world and a good witch to vanquish the demon.  The good witch must be based on one of the four elements – earth, fire, air, and water.
Laura chose earth
Nicole chose water
Derek chose fire

With such  big challenge, it was clear the artists would need help.  The eliminated artists return to lend a helping hand.  Each finalist chose two artists to complete their team.
Nicole chose Roy and Sarah
Laura chose Rod and Tommy
Derek chose Jason and brother Eric

McKenzie revealed an added challenge for the artists…their characters must be able to take part in a stunt show.

When the artists walk into the lab on day two, they discover the car that will be given to the winner – a Toyota Prius V.  After checking out the car, the artists get back to work.

When McKenzie makes her visit to the lab, she has a very special guest with her; someone she has known all her life – Emmy and Oscar Award winning makeup artist Michael Westmore – her Dad.  Michael has a few tips and suggestions for the finalists. 

When the artists walk out onto the reveal stage they discover a familiar face joining Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page at the judge’s table; Patrick Tatopoulos has returned from working on the sequel to the movie “300”.

Once all the characters have been revealed, they take part in a stunt show that includes a motorcycle, crashing through windows and doors, fights, and falling from balconies. 

The judges are pleased with the artist’s work and the stunt show.  They call Laura’s witch gorgeous but are not quite so pleased with the demon.  The said Nicole’s characters functioned well together and she was successful incorporating the water element but felt that her demon was a bit blocky.  The judges said Derek’s characters were beautifully sculptured, had a cool concept, and had the strongest profile of them all.

On night two of the Grand Finale the artists learn the winner but not before they answer questions from fans and take a little walk down memory lane.  Judges Glenn Hetrick, Neville Page, and Patrick Tatopoulos join the artists on stage but Ve is at work on the set of “The Hunger Games” sequel.

After a little catching up where CC has created her own line of makeup brushes and Jason is working on the set of “Saturday Night Live”; there are a number of video clips showing the artist’s thoughts on each other and a bit of comedy, there are fan questions for artists and judges, and a review of each artist’s work over the season.

The judges do a little catching up on what they are doing; Glenn is working on “CSI:NY” and “The Hunger Games” sequel; Neville has been working on the new “Star Trek” and a creature design book; and Patrick has just finished the sequel to “300”, working on “Beauty and the Beast”, and casting for a new project.

After a sneak peek at season four and a video message from Ve telling the artists that they have done an amazing job this season, it is finally time for the results to announce the winner.

After saying that Laura has consistently impressed the judges – she is the only artist not to be in the bottom this season, Derek has a vision for design that has helped him to create some outstanding characters, and Nicole struggled at  first but has a clear focus since her return McKenzie reveals the fan voted winner…