Eye Candy: 41 Sexiest Album Covers

Janet Jackson © Virgin Records

Ah, is there anything that’s tastier than candy? While the answer to that question is debatable, few will argue about the power and beauty of the kind of candy that you DON’T eat, but rather view with the eyes.  That ladies and gents is  “eye candy” which taps into lustfulness, innuendo and unapologetic naughtiness among a variety of other characterizations.  Eye candy has been around for years and we, as humans never seem to tire of its power.  Its shock value keeps us talking and keeps our eyes glued considering we “can’t get enough.” 

Music can be the ultimate “ear candy,” featuring the same characterizations as a steamy visual. What can make for a dual threat is the combination of ear and eye candy.  How does this “hotness” occur? The album cover art friends! It’s debatable that the rise of digital music downloads has diminished the importance of an album’s cover, but still, there are plenty of notable covers even recently that raise eyebrows with their indisputable exemplification of eye candy. Here are 41 of the sexiest album covers.  Keep in mind, “sexy” is in the eye of the beholder.    

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