Welcome Extanters or Extantees—we’re still trying to launch the appropriate fan name—have you accepted this sci-fi series’ 13 week mission of uncovering what might be an unidentified fetus? Well, if you watched “Exant’s” first episode “Re-Entry,” you’d know the pregnancy is just the foil on top a freeze-dried ice-cream sandwich with layers of intrigue and deception; you won’t know which sticky situation Molly (Halle Berry) will tackle first.

Let’s start with the obvious conundrum: her pregnancy. The episode opens with a space shuttle slowly passing what looks like the moon when in reality it’s a remote controlled toy lil Ethan (Pierce Gagnon) takes for a spin around the house, but stops by an on-going hurl fest in the bathroom that echoes into the hallway. It’s recently returned astronaut Molly knelling before the porcelain throne. Talk about Déjà vu. (Berry gave birth 9 months ago before shooting the show.) She cites her sickness as a readjustment period and tells Ethan it won’t interfere with the homecoming festivities.

But it sure does throw a wrench in celebratory shots with friends as she has to wait to be cleared by Doctor Sam (Camryn Manheim) physical exam report. Good thing since the doc produced a stunning finding for an astronaut emerging from a 13-month solo mission: she’s pregnant.

Even more bizarre is the fact Molly.can’t.get.pregnant. Her and her husband, John (Goran Visnjic) tried unsuccessfully for years before Ethan came along (more on that later). Shocked but not stupid, Molly convinces the doc not to include the pregnancy in her report until she does her own investigation (bet the man lurking in her alley would have some answers).

She can start by recalling her time on the Seraphim station when she exchanged quips with the monotone voice companion over failed experiment samples, tried to connect with her hubby and son, and oh yeah…reconnected with her deceased boyfriend Marcus (Sergio Harford).

We learn earlier through an awkward conversation between Molly and John, as she pores over a live action picture of her and Marcus, he died in an incident that’s still capable of producing nightmares. According to John, if it wasn’t for Marcus’ death they wouldn’t be a family. Told you it was awkward.

Back to the Seraphim, where Molly tries to connect with her family via video chat, solar flare interference knocks the power out. After restoring it, she comes across Marcus standing in the doorway. He traces “Help Me” on the steamy door. Creeepppyy. After a few quick tests to determine she wasn’t dreaming this time, she grabs a camera attaches it to her chest and *gasp* opens the door.

They have a stare showdown followed by brief conversation that was just an echo of Molly’s words. The creepily erotic scene made up of hand-face cupping and cascading “okay’s,” result in a collapsed Molly. Once she came too, there was no trace (at that time) of her alien/ex-boyfriend/ghost encounter. The played back video only featured the solo astronaut making weird hand gestures in the air. She attempts to secure her sanity by deleting the footage from her log.