Ethan begins having nightmares. Molly discovers she was used as bait on the Seraphim.

Given the number of heart-palpitating scenes showcased in “Extant’s” sixth episode “Nightmares,” it’s no wonder we all don’t wake up in a cold sweat come Thursday morning. No doubt Molly wishes the discovery of Sparks’ daughter being the first test subject, or casualty, for the Seraphim mission prior to her stepping on the shuttle is another hallucination. Or, in keeping with the theme: nightmare.

Sorry, the only person having an actual nightmare is Ethan. And he’s not built for them. Even so, he interrupts a critical guessing game between John and Molly over what the spiral spores coming at her on the Seraphim could be. And more importantly, how are they able to reproduce?

Ethan’s tossing, turning and sleep talking attract Molly and John’s to his room. Not accustomed to dark images floating around in his manufactured head, Ethan clings to his mommy. Wow, he really is becoming more and more like a real kid. Molly snuggles with him all night and the next morning explains to him that dreams are our subconscious desires aka where our secret selves are. John persuades Ethan to come with him to the lab to get concrete answers to his nightmare.

While Ethan is chewing over what his subconscious may be trying to tell him, John slips Molly an ear record sound software he pulled out of a Humanich ear. He urges Molly to use it as an eavesdropping device to find out why Sam would betray her. Molly’s hubby is stepping into his deceptive side with this one. John claims his motivation is to restore the girls’ long friendship. After all Molly doesn’t scream Miss Congeniality in the friendship department. She agrees to carry out the CIA-type mission.

Meanwhile back at alien baby headquarters, we’re introduced to Dr. Meehan, you know the guy that was wearing the garbage bag last week. He’s going through several stages of security clearance to get access to the lab. Once in, he gets a briefing from Dr. Clean (let’s just call him that as his name was never really mentioned) about the baby boy’s overnight progress. When he turns to leave the all too familiar bubbly circles form on the back of his head. Uh oh, that’s never a good sign of things to come.

Sparks and late comer Gordon are in a staff meeting with a fresh-faced astronaut aboard the Seraphim?! Yet another astronaut goes where several have been mind f**ked before. After the meeting, Gordon urges Sparks to pull the said astronaut out; after all they’ve got the baby Molly was impregnated with. Sparks says it’s not up to him. Yes, it’s the mysterious Yasumoto, who has been missing in action these past few episodes. But the dangling carrot of reviving Sparks’ daughter from the afterlife is very present, judging by the long glance at his framed desk photo of her.

Back to the lab, the bubbly circles has seeped into Dr. Cleans’ brain because he goes full on berserk. He locks himself in the lab, trashed it and is breaking one security camera after the next. When the last one goes dark, showing Dr. Meehan, well, we know its lights out for him too. A SWAT team eventually gets Dr. Clean under control, just before he got near the baby.