Molly and John find out what Marcus is truly made of. Ethan undergoes a major reboot. 

It’s alive, it’s alive!!! Molly’s 14-week old aborted fetus has survived the trip from her bubble belly to being encased in steel box in a mysterious lab. Not only is he living (congrats, Moll, you had a boy) he’s thriving outside the womb. Oh, boy. How is that possible? Read on for more clues.

Extant’s” fifth episode “What on Earth Is Wrong?” opens with Molly carrying out her morning routine, only everything is shifted. Literally if you count the orange juice and figuratively with her nearly full-term pregnancy (non-bubble) belly and Marcus (yes, Marcus) massaging it. This scenario plays out what could have been had he lived. Unfortunately it doesn’t last long because he’s en route to the doomed business trip that resulted in his death. Hoping to prevent it Molly tags along, but she’s just as powerless against his fate as her hands strapped to restraints.

This triggers her conscious state back into the O.R. where she really is in restraints. Cue the next amnesia induced nightmare in which Molly springs up from a bad dream. Ethan checks in, assuring her he kept her secret and baby cries are heard next to her. Pulling the covers back, a dead Marcus is lying in the bed.

In attempting to play Freud I’d say these dreamscapes are a battle between what Molly truly desires and what her life is like now. Something has to be sacrificed either way.

Back in present day, John’s able to get out the clink and search for his wife and son.  He finds them both at the bottom of a hill like trash the garbage man forgot to collect.

John gets them medical attention. Well, Molly gets the most care, while EMTs grasp the fact Ethan’s non-vitals equate to him not being a real boy.

Molly becomes lucid as doctors are wheeling her into the examining room. Just from examining her dirt-coated face David Rosen, er Doctor Beck (Johua Malina) can tell she’s had a concussion and there are no signs of a pregnancy.

While Molly’s being examined, John hands Ethan off to Julie, fresh off a one-night stand with no predilection to cuddle or connect with her lover, to reboot Ethan’s program. The engineer is none too pleased by John’s care of Ethan (what else is new?) and says so to her lab partner. Their initial attempt to resuscitate Ethan comes up short because there’s still too much damage at the core. Guess it’s on to Plan B for operation reboot Ethan.

Meanwhile, Molly is in recovery waiting for Doctor Beck’s assessment of her pregnancy. He reiterates his earlier diagnosis: there is no baby. Despite his protests in showing proof of his analysis (is it just me or does his virtual doppelganger have a better bedside manner?) Molly’s adamant to have an ultrasound. The impromptu scan shows Molly’s uterus is completely empty. Dun, Dun, Dunnnnn.