Molly runs to the arms of her estranged father while SWAT finds Ethan’s power off button in “Extant’s” fourth episode, “Shelter.”

We’re right back where we left off: The Woods family is on the run while the vociferous Director Sparks leads his team to track their footsteps. With few options and a sleeping boy Humantic in their backseat they jet er ferry over to a remote island-- where Molly’s M.I.A dad, Quinn (Louis Gossett Jr.) resides—as an impromptu hideout.

Despite the icy greeting Molly gives Quinn, a result of an eight year father/daughter bonding gap and his alcoholism, the abrupt arrangement becomes convenient. Quinn is the perfect companion for Ethan to stay distracted from his parents “secrets,” Quinn can use Ethan’s robotic talents to his financial advantage and Molly and John can tap into their scientifically engineered minds to create a makeshift DNA machine in the garage. Everybody wins, well except Director Sparks and his puppeteer Yasumoto, who gives him the green light to aggressively hunt Molly down.

And when he’s not giving ominous orders he’s scaring the bejesus out of two Russian scientists that he considers lab rats. For good reason, seeing as their tasked with replicating a meteor substance that’s to be exposed to humans. The scientists’ 10-year devotion to the project garners them a successful touch test when the oozy orange substance is poured in Anton’s hand.

But when Yasumoto wants to raise the stakes and have Anton remove his gas mask to breathe in the risky substance, things quickly go awry. He weeps bloody tears and collapses in the lab. One point to 'unidentified substance' - scientists zip.

Meanwhile with only Molly’s empty car in a vacant parking lot to go on, Sparks plays the one card he has left: Doc Sam. The loyal physician’s been holed up in an interrogation-style room all night and is desperate to release more than her bodily fluids. Remember she still has Molly’s near 24-hour blood sample burning a hole in her pocket. She tries to flush it but is nabbed by eagle eyed Sparks. Damn.

Doc Sam tries to stay mum until Sparks whips out the ultimate skeleton in her secretive past and dangles it like a carrot. He reveals how Doc Sam used her prestigious position to cover up her brother’s murder rap. She got her bro a new identity and arranged to put him in a minimum-secure facility for the mentally ill. The sweet deal was all arranged without the presiding judge realizing her brother and her were related.  Realizing Sparks got her by the you-know-what, she relents.

I doubt Molly will give in that easily but deputy director Gordon is willing to try. He reports to Sparks her whereabouts on the island and he dispatches a SWAT team there. Since when does a space agency have access to this level of security? Anyway, by Yasumoto’s direction Molly can be disposed off once he get what he needs; her 14-week old fetus, as it is the key to advancing his experiments. Let’s hope Molly doesn’t go the way of Anton with Yasumoto’s “life-sustaining substance.”