It’s a moot point but Molly was probably safer on the Seraphim than back home. Think about it, at least she had only one ghost/alien/boyfriend haunting her, now a whole SWAT team is gunning for her like she’s wearing a target on her back. In “Extant’s” third episode “Wish You Were Here,” we get a few more pieces of this cryptic puzzle.

The episode launches with the deputy director tracing Doc Sam’s built-in GPS tracker to the vet hospital where she performed Molly’s ultrasound. After scrolling past some scans of pre-mature pups, he spots Molly’s very human 14-week old fetus. He brings the findings to Director Sparks, who reveals Molly was pregnant before. Only the first time Marcus was the child’s father. Unfortunately she lost it in a car accident Marcus was killed in.

I’m guessing not long after the accident, Molly realized how much she wanted a child, hence her hooking up with John and their frequent attempts at fertility treatments with Doc Sam. For some reason I feel like this is a major clue leading to the big picture that involves the past converging with future, or rather the past attempting to repeat itself.

Anyway, Sparks wants to put a muzzle on Molly before she tells anyone else of her delicate condition. So, he’s willing to tell her anything to get her in his grasp, except the truth, of course.

Meanwhile, Molly is lying in bed next to John (lucky girl) staring at Ethan’s family drawing and thinking back on the couple’s last unsuccessful fertility treatment. She shoots down every pie-in-the-sky possibility for conception John throws her way. He’s got one last radical approach: a humanoid child robot. John thinks they can teach it the family experience. Molly feels it should be more organic than the “plug and play family” he envisions. You do realize you married an engineer, right Molly?

Before warming to the idea, Molly bursts John’s new family bubble by revealing she signed on for the Seraphim shuttle mission. He thinks they can still make it work and Ethan confirms his approval with a stiff hand wave. And thus a son is born.

Back to present day where John and Molly are still spooning until he whips out his daily agenda, which I’m starting to believe is etched into his palm. Hey, it’s the future, it’s possible. The day’s activities include Ethan’s first day of school and Molly’s missed birthday party, since she was away for her actual b-day. 

After calming Ethan’s first day of school jitters, John heads out to run party errands leaving Ethan alone with a promise he’ll stay indoors. Pretty sure that’s not a good idea. Would they have left a human 8-year-old boy home alone? I doubt it.

Molly runs through California’s hills faster than her voice automated trainer would condone, but it’s totally worth it to watch a space shuttle lift off from a distance. Speaking of unexpected encounters Molly runs into Sparks in front of her house. He spins some cockamamie tale of a covert medical program that reversed her ovulation from samples she took during her fertility trials with them. He assures her that she’s pregnant with John’s baby and the space agency is to blame for not telling her she was experimented on.