Usually whenever someone meets me and learns about my extensive geekdom, they ask how often I get hit on by slobbering geek boys. The answer is: a lot. Let's face it, we geek girls have existed all along, but until the past few years we've seemed more like a mystical creature.

With the rise of video games and comic book movies as "cool" in the mainstream, there have been more girls willing to come out about their love for Guitar Hero or Superman. It's no longer a badge of weird, even to our fellow gals, and it's almost become an attractive feature for a girl to be able to beat you in Wii Boxing.

Yet for years the male geeks have thought they lived a solitary existence, so the truth is ... you might be going about your wooing in the wrong way.

1. You guys can come on a little strong.

Sure, it's flattering when a guy hears you quote Star Trek and begs you to marry him, but it's a joke...right? It better be, because it's scary otherwise. I know you might have been waiting for this girl your whole life, and want nothing more than to buy matching 1 Up t-shirts or plan cosplay costumes together, but we're wary creatures. You would be too if you have guys constantly asking if you'll be their Princess Leia.

2. Don't patronize.

If you know more about a certain level of geekdom, awesome, but there's bound to be something we know better than you do. Even if we didn't seem to exist before, we've been around playing NES and speaking Klingon just as long as you. And if we have a secret passion for anime or Final Fantasy, curb that scornful tone, because we know about your Thundercats sheets, okay?

3. Know other things.

Eventually after the 5th time we argue about Transformers, it's going to get old. Brush up on other skills and pockets of information so when the geekdom talk gets boring, you can always pull out random facts about good movies or theology or whatever strikes your fancy. No one is one-dimensional, especially not geek girls, so be ready.

4. Don't pretend to be our friend if you don't mean it.

I know in your head it seems like this is the best way to get into our hearts. Be our friends, sacrifice everything to entertain or attract us, and then get annoyed when it doesn't work in your favor. Sometimes friends can be something more, but it's awfully offensive when you think things are platonic and you can count on a person, but then they say "whatever" as soon as they know it's not going anywhere romantic. Make your intentions known even if with a little hint early on, because no one wants to be thrown off like that. It won't go well for either you or the girl.

5. We are still girls.

Despite how easy it is to forget this when we're gloating about our kill score, it remains true. If you do start dating a geek girl, you can forget that we still like to be romanced and go on dates and have a normal relationship. Not every Friday night needs to be spent playing Halo 3 on Legendary, mix it up and remember...we can frag with the best of them but we still like pretty graphics and attractive shirts with geeky phrases on them.

We are geek girls, hear us roar! And we're here to stay!

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer