After hearing Chris Tsefalas' 2005 "I'm All Right?", Everclear frontman/producer Art Alexakis instantly became a fan. Through mutual friends, he obtained Tsefalas' number, called him up, and said he'd like to co-write and produce Tsefalas' sophomore record.

After months of hanging out and sharing song ideas, and many tentative studio dates that fell through, due to Alexakis' busy schedule with the forthcoming Everclear record, Chris Tsefalas and Art Alexakis finally began working on Tsefalas' sophomore record on January 19, 2006, entering Portland, Oregon-based Kung Fu Bakery Studio.

Alexakis will be producing Tsefalas' sophomore record, as well as co-writing a few tracks on the record with Tsefalas. In return, Tsefalas has already lent his vocals to two songs on the forthcoming Everclear full-length.