'Lost' beauty Evangeline Lilly was so worried about filming nude scenes TV bosses had to re-write the script. The stunning brunette, who plays bad girl Kate in the hit drama, admits she's a bit of a "prude" and was determined not to strip naked in front of the cameras.

She told Arena magazine: "When I got the first draft of the pilot episode there was a nude scene in there. So before I got the job I said to JJ ('Lost' creator JJ Abrams), 'You need to know I'm a bit of a prude and nudity is something that I'm going to be adamantly opposed to'.

"When we came to shoot the scene it had been re-written for me to be in a tank top and underwear and I really appreciate that they made it more modest."

The 26-year-old - who is romancing co-star Dominic Monaghan - added: "In the end I did it in just my underwear - which I think was a happy compromise." The sexy actress also revealed being cast in 'Lost' has had some drawbacks - because smitten fans keep stealing her underwear.

She said: "I think they've ended up on eBay. My only saving grace is that at least they are clean underwear."