Real Steel star Evangeline Lilly's new baby boy has had a lot going on during the first five months of his life - in addition to being born outside during a frightening Hawaiian thunderstorm he's already become a world traveler and spent time living outside his grandparents' house in a tent.

Lilly chose to deliver the baby outdoors in his father's home state because there are "too many rules" at the hospital.

The former Lost star also revealed - or didn't reveal, we should say - the tot's name. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! she would only say that the boy was named after the Hawaiian term for "The Thunder." Kimmel's crack team of backstage researchers came up with the same names we did - Halulu and Hekili - but the actress says it's neither of those.

"My baby did not have a name for a month... Maybe that's why you never heard about it... His name means The Thunder," she says.

"I had my baby outside in a thunderstorm," she adds, "It was really romantic.

"And then we lived in a tent for three weeks when he was two months old... It was fabulous - It was awkward because I was supposed to be breast pumping. How do you breast pump without electricity?"

The child has also spent plenty of time in the air - according to Lilly he's been on over 16 different flights, including trips to Africa and New Zealand.

"He's been all over America in the back of a Volkswagen van," the star says; "He's been to Canada... He's like Ernest Hemingway - he lives in tents, he travels all around."

Check out the three-part interview below...