A few news sources thought they had a scoop on their hands when it was reported Eva Mendes side-stepped an airport security scan due to being pregnant.

The Mail Online claimed yesterday Mendes was expecting and took precaution when she was going through a security check at LAX on Saturday. She opted to be patted down rather than have her "child" exposed to the scan.

However, it now appears the story was completely false. A source tells RumorFix, "the whole scenario that is described never happened.

"Eva never goes through the airport scanner and has always elected to be hand checked. She never said any such thing to the TSA guys that she would not go through the scanner because she was pregnant.  Also the photographers were so far away there is no possibility they could have heard anything that was said at the screening area."

It remains to be seen whether Mendes and long-term boyfriend Ryan Gosling would plan a family without getting married, but it certainly isn't happening now. The Mail Online has since updated their story to include Eva's denial.