Eva Mendes "almost killed" Will Ferrell on the set of their new movie after picking up a real knife instead of a prop and using it in a fight sequence.
The two actors star in upcoming comedy The Other Guys and one scene sees Mendes lunge at the funnyman with a blade during a heated argument. The actress admits they improvised much of the scene and when she picked up a carving knife, she didn't realize the object was real.

She tells People.com, "Once we got the scene down, we were told to improv (improvise). We got into a little tug of war, and I picked up what was supposed to be a prop knife. It was actually a carving knife from our meal. I lunged at him, and I was really proud of myself (before I realized my mistake)."

"When we cut, Will said, 'Wow, usually we have to co-ordinate that with the stunt department.' It could have gotten ugly in a second. I almost killed Will Ferrell!"




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