Whoops! Movie-goers were treated to a big surprise in a Regal Cineplex in Richmond Virginia Thursday. The theater had filled up with excited viewers ready to see the new Marvel Film, Guardians of the Galaxy. The film features a sociopathic talking Racoon, an anthropomorphic tree, a sultry assassin, a bad tempered bruiser and a smart talking human, who take on the galaxy and blow up some baddies.

Confusion ensued when the viewers were presented with a more light-hearted film, filled with CG renditions of folktale heroes, such as Jack Frost, Santa and the Easter Bunny. The movie the theater played, was in fact 'Rise of the Guardians' a 2012 movie by Dreamworks. 

The theater tried to play the correct movie - though to no avail. By the third attempt, customers got out of their seats and clamored for their refunds.

We understand that mistakes happen. In this case - it at least makes a little sense. After all, both have 'Guardians' in their name. It could have been a computer error or a bad case of wrong filing.

According to Variety MagazineRise of the Guardians was not supposed to have been on the theaters’ servers, and might not have under normal circumstances. However, the cineplex in question runs a Summer children's films program, and Rise was one of the films scheduled for a second run. This could explain the mix up between Rise of the Guardians and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Still - 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is arguably the highest profile blockbuster movie of the Summer, and Regal managed to muck it up. That's gotta' sting.