Shameless star Emmy Rossum has landed the cover of the October issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Even though she's currently in a relationship with writer Sam Esmail ("Comet"), she explains that she often gets mistaken for her character Fiona on her hit Showtime series whenever she would go on a first date with someone (before hooking up with Esmail, we presume).

"I feel like on the first date with a guy he'll think I'm easy (like Fiona), and that's so disconcerting," she says. "It's not like I haven't had sex on the first date, but usually that ended up in a two year relationship."

Her type of guy: "I don't gravitate to the jock; it's the nerdy guy in the corner. I'm dating a writer now [Esmail]. Writers are sexy."

Rossum, who considers herself "a very flirty person in general," was married to music executive Justin Siegel from 2008-2010, and she hopes to marry again someday.

"I hope I do. Honestly, I was so young, I don't think I knew what marriage meant," she explains. "My parents were never married, and I was teased in school and called a bastard. So the idea of marriage as safety forever was idealized in my head, and we rushed into it."

Check out Emmy's full interview in the October Cosmo, on newsstands September 9.