An interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show got really awkward when Ellen kept asking about the romance between Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

While the couple chatted about their recent trips overseas to promote the film, DeGeneres asked wryly, "Do any of the co-stars have to share a hotel room or anything like that?"

Jamie Foxx, who also stars in the film, added, "Yeah what do you guys do?" before having a sip from his cup and acting like he's about to hear some juicy gossip.

Garfield tried to deflect the question by joking to Foxx, "You know the answer to that because we've been sharing a bedroom."

Ellen couldn't help herself later in the interview, asking, "Before you kiss [in the film], do you kiss to make sure you kiss okay?" Instead of answering, Garfield took several long sips of water before Foxx teased, "Yeah, you guys look so natural."

After Andrew said, "Drop it!" Jamie countered, "I think it's amazing acting, just amazing..." Ellen then added, "Yeah, it's like they're together or something."