Cass Dillon came to Billy Joel's attention through Tommy Byrnes, a guitarist in Billy's band and a musical consultant for the "Movin' Out" Broadway musical. Byrnes and Stefano DiBenedetto, of the OCD Music Group, had discovered Cass performing an acoustic set at the Drama Café in Baldwin, New York. (Cass Dillon, like Billy Joel, is a native Long Islander.) Byrnes produced Cass's first demo recordings and one night, nearly two years ago, brought the demos, and Cass, over to Billy's for a listening session over some incredible fish tacos Cass says he'll never forget.

This year, when Tommy and Billy got to talking about who might be right for "Christmas In Fallujah," Cass Dillon's name rose to the top of the list. So Billy and Tommy flew Cass Dillon to San Francisco where, by fate and divine coincidence, they recorded "Christmas In Fallujah" on Veteran's Day 2007. The wide and immediate reach of iTunes made it the perfect venue for the release of "Christmas In Fallujah."

For singer-songwriter Cass Dillon, whose first CD was a copy of Billy Joel's "Greatest Hits," the chance to launch his own career with a new song of Billy Joel's is a dream come true. "I feel so honored and blessed to have this opportunity," Dillon said. "When someone of that stature, with that history of great songs behind him with such a huge catalog asks you to sing something he's written, there's nothing you can do but be completely honored to perform."

iTunes is also offering a six-song EP of Cass Dillon's original music entitled "A Good Thing Never Dies," a line taken from "The Shawshank Redemption," one of Cass's favorite films. Preview the track "Compromise" from Cass' EP at or

"A Good Thing Never Dies" marks the inaugural release from the new independent label Mulberry Street Records.
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