Singer Elliott Yamin feared for his life when he was caught up in the massive earthquake which shook Chile on Friday. 

The Wait For You hitmaker, a former American Idol contestant, was in the  South American country to play a music festival and was using the computer in  his hotel room when the tremor struck. 

He immediately took to his page to update fans about the  situation in a series of frantic posts. 

Yamin wrote, "Devastation. Huge earthquake just now in Chile! I swear I thought this was the end of my life! I just escaped w my life, from an  8.3 earthquake! 

"Complete and utter chaos on the streets no power my heart is beatin outta my chest! Tsunami warning I am only a  mile inland!" 

He later assured followers of his safety after he was evacuated from the  building. 

He added, "Hey everybody, we are totally safe and sound for the time  being... I'm finally calmer, and dawn is approaching, which will  help! Thanks for your prayers. I'm totally calm now... we're all  together, got blankets from our rooms, and we're all huddled on the  street. No aftershocks in a while.

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