OUT just released the sixth annual Power 50, featuring prominent gay men and women representing all walks of life. From entertainers and politicians to activists and entrepreneurs, the Power 50 spotlights individuals who influence the way others live  either through their public personas, politics, or wealth  and affect cultural and social attitudes.

Apple CEO Tim Cook leads this year's list with daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, venture capitalist and entrepreneur Peter Thiel, "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy, and TV host and political commentator Rachel Maddow rounding out the top five.

Other notable figures in this year's Power 50 include:

-Anderson Cooper (No. 6): The journalist, news anchor, and talk show host just got his daytime gabber, Anderson, picked up for a second season as he continues to anchor his CNN staple, Anderson Cooper 360.

-Andy Cohen (No. 10): Cohen already dominates the TV airwaves by executive- or coproducing countless Bravo programs, but now that his talk show, Watch What Happens Live, is airing five nights a week, he's become a certified TV personality.

-Neil Patrick Harris (No. 11): Harris continues to be one of the most fan-adored TV stars, and his time spent in the spotlight as a loving dad of two young children allows for even more public respect and adulation.

-Tammy Baldwin (No. 12): The Wisconsin congresswoman and U.S. Senate candidate was the first openly gay nonincumbent elected to the House of Representatives and, should she win, would be the first gay U.S. Senator.

-Suze Orman (No. 25): She's the top financial guru to the masses who, with her "The Approved Card," created her own currency. With over 1.2 million Twitter followers, Orman shows no signs of slowing down.

-Perez Hilton (No. 39): The king of link-bait has increased his online empire and remains a go-to for millions who need a gossip fix.

View the entire Power 50 list here: