It has been a few episodes since Eli (Jonny Lee Miller) and Jordan (Victor Garber) started their own firm, and things have been going anything but smoothly since. The duo lost most of their former employees to Posner & Klein, are having a tough time attracting clients that will pay the bills, and are just finding the San Francisco legal waters to be rough in general. Things pick up right where they left off last time - with Eli having alienated the firm's biggest client by choosing to represent his son in an emancipation hearing.

Emancipating LJ (err…I mean JJ)

In the previous Eli Stone episode, Eli and Jordan successfully represented millionaire philanthropist Jim Cooper, hoping to attract a rich, "good" client. Cooper had wanted permission to grow medical marijuana as part of a research facility that he had created to come up with a cure for MS, which his teenage son suffers from. It quickly became apparent that although he meant well, Jim Cooper was an overbearing bully who used his reputation and money to get whatever he wanted, ethical or not. That is why Eli decided to represent his son, JJ, when JJ asked Eli about emancipation from his overbearing father. By the way, JJ bears a striking resemblance to "Prison Break's" LJ, not only because of the suspicious similarity of their names, but because they are both played by Marshall Allman.

Jim Cooper is furious when he finds out that Eli is representing his son, and so he goes to Posner & Klein for new counsel. Posner decides to assign the case to the team of Dowd (Sam Jaeger) and Maggie (Julie Gonzalo), in what is a not so subtle test of their loyalty. Needless to say, Taylor (Natasha Henstridge) and Eli are not too happy about that.

Daddy Issues Abound

Tom Cavanagh finally makes another appearance as Eli and Nate's (Matt Letscher) late father, this time as the subject of one of Eli's "Quantum Leap" visions. Eli becomes his father in several visions, each one occurring on Nate's 12th birthday, which daddy dearest ruined by being extremely drunk (pretty much his modus operandi). We also find out more about Nate's feelings of inadequacy, as more of his father's seemingly preferential treatment of Eli is revealed.

Nate risks his career by going against his hospital's board of directors in order to testify on the behalf of JJ in the emancipation trial. The hospital's largest donor is Jim Cooper, which is why the risk is so great. However, Nate realizes that he is doing the right thing after he gets a visit from Dr. Chen (James Saito). Chen, the only one who read Papa Stone's magic book before Eli burned it, reveals a note that was written for Nate (Chen, like the creepy voyeur that he is, photocopied the entire journal and has kept it in secret). The note tells Nate that Eli will have a hard road, and that he has very important work to do, but that he cannot do it alone. Nate is supposed to be by his side to support him.

The case continues, and just when things look somewhat dark for Eli and Taylor, Nate comes to the rescue by providing JJ's MRI results. Apparently, JJ's MS has been getting progressively worse, but his dad had been bullying the hospital into hiding the results so that JJ would still be eligible to participate in his clinical trials. Once this information is revealed, Jim Cooper loses all credibility, and the case. The hospital is also liable, and the board of directors shows their gratitude to Nate by firing him (albeit with one impressive severance check).

Subplots and the like

Meanwhile, another storyline continuing from the previous episode involves Keith Bennett (Jason George) and Patti's (Loretta Devine) daughter, Angela. Keith had represented Angela when she had been charged with drunk driving, and fell for her in the process. After going out on a date, he discovered that there had cocaine found in her system on the night of her alleged DUI. When he brings that up, Angela gets defensive and claims that the antibiotics she is taking for an ear infection are what caused the false positive for cocaine. Seems reasonable, and Keith thinks so to, which is why he tries to visit her at the hospital where she interns in order to apologize. Once there, however, he discovers that innocent Patti's baby girl has been suspended for months, and has been living a lie. Looks like this long overdo foray into Keith's personal life will continue for at least another episode.

Finally, the episode would not be complete without a little Taylor/Dowd baby drama. Taylor cannot bring herself to tell Dowd she is pregnant with their child, mainly because she never thought it would be a serious relationship and now it is (sure Taylor, we've all heard that one before). Jordan, hypnotized by a delicious looking chocolate bear, ends up accidentally telling the secret to Dowd, who is understandably upset. Dowd and Taylor have a big argument, and then Dowd proclaims his love for her, and it looks that at least for the time being, they will remain a happy couple. All of you who were worried about that can now exhale.

How will Weathersby & Stone hold up now that they have lost their biggest client? What is the deal with Patti's daughter? Who else wants Dr. Chen to post the magic book online? Leave a comment!

Story by Derek Krebs

Starpulse contributing writer