It's a nice foggy day in San Francisco, and it's good to see that. This might seem nitpicky, but "Eli Stone" rarely features establishing shots of the city with the famous fog present, so it's a nice change. The writers don't waste any time moving things along this week, as Eli (Jonny Lee Miller) gets his vision in the first scene. And it's...wait for it...a vision of the future! No, it's not a dark, Sarah Connor-like nightmarish view of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but hey, it's still the future! Seems like a man named Dennis Mosley (Sterling K. Brown) is quite the popular leader in 2018, as he is rallying a huge crowd in a very, very poor reproduction of Times Square.

Eli discovers that the beloved man from his vision is in prison serving time for murder in the present. It just so happens that Eli's associate Keith (Jason George), was Mosley's public defender 10 years earlier. Keith may or may not have purposely botched the case in the past, but he definitely did not give it his all, mainly because he had felt that Mosley was guilty. Naturally, it turns out that Mosley is indeed innocent, but whether or not he committed the murder is of no relevance to the story.

These guys wouldn't last a day in Oz

Mosley has been denied his parole hearings, and he and the other inmates have been suffering under the tyrannical rule of a warden who has prisoners physically abused when they try to speak out against the decrepit conditions in prison. Eli and Keith decide to sue the prison, and of course Maggie (Julie Gonzalo) can also be counted on to help out in a case where there is absolutely no money to be made.

All of the inmates are reluctant to stand up against the cruel warden, so Eli turns to his visions to find an answer. In his second flash-forward of the night (looks like "Lost" has rubbed off on "Eli Stone") Eli discovers who the key to the whole case is. He also happens to catch a glimpse of himself at the rally, standing next to his wife and baby. He is a little shocked to see that Mrs. Stone is none other than Maggie, who is currently engaged to the faceless "Scott." Anyone who has been watching the show for the past two months, however, should not be too surprised.

Eli finds the mystery man from the vision, who was the warden's former assistant. The assistant's testimony pretty much seals the deal, and Eli wins a big settlement from the prison. Although it is of no relevance to the episode or the series, it must be pointed out that the prison's attorney is played by none other than Carlos Jacott. The man guest starred on all three of Joss Whedon's shows, so let's give him a hand.

Ok, back to Eli and friends. After seeing himself happily married to Maggie in the future, Eli finds himself trying to push her away. As much as he has come to care for her (and as much as he finds the idea of a future with her appealing) he can't bear to think that he would be the reason that she eventually kicks poor Scott to the curb.

At least it beats watching Matt LeBlanc's "Ed"

This week's secondary case features another pairing of Taylor (Natasha Henstridge) and Dowd (Sam Jaeger). The two characters actually compliment each other perfectly, and have great chemistry, so it is entertaining to see them work together/bicker. Unfortunately, they are stuck with a somewhat ludicrous case involving gay rights…for chimpanzees. Nothing more needs to be said.

Jordan (Victor Garber), meanwhile, faces a sudden challenge to his autocracy as the mysterious third senior partner returns from several years abroad. Marci Klein (Katie Sagal) is cold and cruel, and she makes Jordan look like a big ol' cuddly teddy bear by comparison. Wait a minute, mysterious female partner returns from exile and instantly challenges authority of previously dominant male senior partner? And there is a subtle underlying sexual tension between them? For the third week in a row, the question needs to be asked: are we watching "Boston Legal" here? David E. Kelley should be getting royalties for this stuff.

The obligatory heartwarming finale

In the closing moments, Eli has a third and final flash-forward. The Times Square set is still terrible, but the scene itself is actually pretty emotional. Although Mosley is leading the rally, he is actually just the warm-up act for the true main event. The headliner of the night is none other than our good friend Mr. Stone. As Eli watches his future self step behind the podium, one can't help but feel happy for present Eli and a little proud of the guy. His life may be in shambles in the present, but it appears that by staying on his current path and accepting his fate, he will truly do some good in the world some day. If the show doesn't get canceled, maybe we will get to see all of that hard work eventually come to fruition.

Thoughts on Eli's vision of the future? Do you think Maggie and Eli should end up together? Just how awesome is Carlos Jacott? Leave a comment!

Recap by Derek Krebs
Starpulse contributing writer