Time could be running out for the title character in "Eli Stone." With the date of his possibly fatal operation rapidly approaching, one might think that Eli (Jonny Lee Miller) would be a little preoccupied and thus not able to carry on with his normal, world-saving duties. Luckily for the citizens of San Francisco, that is not the case. For no sooner does Eli leave the doctor's office then he gets hit with a fairly terrifying vision.

Earthquake: Part II

The vision finds Eli in the back seat of a car being driven over the Golden Gate Bridge. From a radio announcement, he determines that the date of the vision is three days in the future. No sooner does he hear the date then he discovers the purpose of the vision - naturally it is a warning of approaching doom. A massive earthquake ensues, collapsing the bridge and presumably killing everyone driving over it.

Eli immediately goes to consult with Dr. Chen (James Saito), who offers no useful advice, as per usual. The two see a television report of a seemingly crazy scientist who is claiming that a massive earthquake will rock the bay area in three days time; and of course collapse San Francisco's iconic bridge in the process.

Dr. Phlox comes to town

So Eli and Chen go to see the scientist, played by yet another fantastic guest star, the always entertaining John Billingsley. Random piece of trivia, the scientist's name is Dr. Foote, which is notable because Billingsley played another character with the last name of Foote on the short-lived 2006 series "The Nine." Perhaps Daniel Foote is Egan Foote's estranged twin brother? Hey, obsessive TV fans can dream, can't they?

In order to protect hundreds of commuters from certain death, Eli goes to court in order to get the bridge shut down. He tries to recruit his recently less perky associate, Maggie (Julie Gonzalo), to stand by his side, only to find out that she can't - she has already been selected by evil senior partner Marci Klein (Katie Sagal) to oppose Eli in court. Ouch.

Needless to say, the hearing does not go well. Marci shreds Eli in court and then puts Maggie on the stand, forcing her to reveal the events from several episodes back (the last time Eli thought there was going to be a massive earthquake - an earthquake that never actually happened). Maggie dutifully obliges but not without shedding a few tears in the process. Not surprisingly, the judge decides not to rule in favor of a discredited scientist and an attorney who claims to see the future.

Eli loses the battle, but never fear! Super-Eli does not lose the war. The mayor is apparently quite moved by his earthquake theory and decides to overrule the outcome of the hearing. He closes the bridge. So, does the earthquake actually happen this time? More on that in a minute.

Marci's coup

Marci finds herself quite busy this week. Not only does she take on Eli in court, but she also finds the time to invite all of the partners from across the country to the San Francisco in order to take a vote. What are they voting about? Why whether or not to remove Jordan (Victor Garber) as managing partner of course. Marci, who just returned from a three year leave of absence, certainly is not wasting any time asserting her dominance.

Eli's vindication

So what about the earthquake? Well, it actually happens this time. Eli gives an impassioned speech in the law office, telling everyone that they should evacuate the building. Apparently he has more sway amongst the series regulars than the extras because seemingly the only ones who decide to take heed are Maggie, Taylor (Natasha Henstridge) and Patti (Loretta Devine).

Just prior to the earthquake, the partners vote to remove Jordan from his position, mainly because of his continued defense of Eli Stone. The removal is short-lived, as the earthquake soon follows, and Jordan asks for a re-vote. One can imagine that the earthquake will save his job.

Finale time

Up next for "Eli Stone" is the season finale, which sees Eli heading for his fateful showdown with a scalpel. Seeing how the fate of the series is still up in the air, it is likely that he will not die/become a vegetable, despite any artificial suspense that may suggest otherwise. This penultimate episode did a nice job tying up a few loose threads from earlier installments and also managed to include a few emotional moments. Plus, the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge at the end was pretty cool - in a Michael Bay, disaster movie kind of way.

What do you think will happen with the surgery? Any other thoughts on the series finale? Leave a comment!

Recap by Derek Krebs
Starpulse contributing writer