Eli (Jonny Lee Miller) used to have visions about George Michael, the beach and church choirs. Sure they were odd, but they were also harmless. Unfortunately, those nice and fuzzy visions are now a thing of the past. This week on "Eli Stone," Eli is confronted with something much darker and deadlier - a gigantic, ferocious, fire-breathing dragon! The dragon is a nice touch, but it would have been a lot cooler if it was voiced by Sean Connery. "I am the last one!"

The dragon mystery is not one of Eli's more complex visions. The newly demoted Stone takes a break from life in his brand new cubicle (my how the mighty have fallen) in order to meet up with a new client. He knows nothing about the client other than his name, Peter Johnson. Needless to say, Eli is shocked when he meets up with Petey and finds out that he is just a 15-year-old kid who wants to sue a hospital for malpractice. Apparently, the anesthesiologist killed his mom. And the doctor's name is Dr. Agon. Dragon, get it?

Eli gets it, and he is eager to take the case. There is only one catch. With Eli's fall from grace last week came the stipulation that he is not allowed to take on any new cases. It is a policy that Jordan "Eli's dead to me" Wethersby (Victor Garber) is not very flexible on. Seems like quite a bind, especially since the vision is strongly urging Stone to take the case. Maggie to the rescue! Eli manages to convince Maggie (Julie Gonzalo) to take on the case, not because she is his best hope, but because she is his only hope.

Maggie needs a senior associate to back her up since junior associates are not allowed to take on cases by themselves (a sound policy considering Maggie's skills). Guess who she wants to help? That's right, Eli! The "dream ticket" is reunited. Jordan is less than thrilled but allows the pairing. He does, however, make sure to let Maggie know that Eli is not to get involved in the case at all but merely serve as backup.

Jack McCoy she ain't

Maggie has sort of a rough time in the courtroom at first, but she manages to make her way through the first couple of days thanks to helpful signals courtesy of Eli. The two of them would have done an excellent job cheating on tests in middle school. When they are not in court, Eli and Maggie spend some late nights going over the case. It becomes increasingly apparent in these instances (ok, it has been pretty apparent for a while now) that Maggie has more than a little crush on Mr. Stone. Aww, how cute.

Maggie has a competitor when it comes to seeking Eli's affections though. Ex-fiancée Taylor (Natasha Henstridge) has not yet given up all hopes of reconciliation and asks Eli on a secret date, much to Maggie's dismay. The mysterious evening turns out to be a charity concert, performed by none other than...George Michael! It's good to see Georgie Porgie once again, even if it is only briefly.

At the end of the evening, Taylor and Eli both realize how extraordinarily uncomfortable they are making each other and agree to try and stay as far apart as possible. Anyone want to bet that they will somehow be forced together before long? (In case you were wondering, they are...by Jordan for a case).

The case is pretty straightforward, and in the end the team of Maggie and Eli slays the evil dragon. In a moment of giddiness and excitement, Maggie ignores her inhibitions and kisses Eli. She instantly becomes mortified and embarrassed, and she runs away. One can bet that this storyline is not over by a long shot.

The baseball case

The baseball case being handled by Dowd (Sam Jaeger) and Bennett (Jason George) continues where it left off. The two councils prove to be quite an odd couple, with Bennett being exceedingly pessimistic about their client's chances (to his face no less) while Dowd continues to act starry-eyed because he is representing a baseball player.

After a series of ups and downs, Bennett convinces Dowd that the only way their client will walk away from the murder charges (remember, he killed his third base coach with a foul ball) would be to plead that he was not in his right mind due to steroids. Although the ballplayer insists that he never took steroids and that such an admission would ruin him, he promises to consider it. Alas, we must await the conclusion of this story arc for a little while longer.

"...two in a row. Win another and that's called a winning streak."

Overall, "Heal the Pain" was the second consecutive episode of "Eli Stone" that didn't suck. That might not seem like a big deal, but compared to the string of horrible episodes that preceded these two, it is quite an accomplishment. Perhaps the series is finally moving in the right direction?

Next week, it looks like Eli is going to be torn between Maggie and Taylor. There is nothing wrong with a good love triangle when done correctly, so it will be interesting to see what happens. Believe it or not, Maggie and Eli actually make a decent pairing, mainly because they have at least a semblance of chemistry. Taylor and Eli, on the other hand, have less chemistry than Fred and Ethel Mertz. It won't be as epic as the love triangle that Greg Berlanti oversaw on "Dawson's Creek," but it should at least pass the time.

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Story by Derek Krebs
Starpulse contributing writer