Things have not been going so well for Eli Stone (Jonny Lee Miller) lately. His new firm is struggling, his visions are getting more and more bizarre, and worst of all, he is lonely. Thanks to the unwelcome intervention of Dr. Chen (James Saito), he has a shot at salvaging his love life. Will he be successful?

Eli Rejoins the Dating World

Eli's relationship with millionaire philanthropist Ashley has been going pretty well ever since their blind date. For the first time in a long time, Eli feels like he is living a normal life. All of that changes soon enough. After all, God's most loyal employee can't be allowed to be *gasp* happy, can he? Ashley eventually catches Eli in the final stages of a vision, and begins to realize that there is more to him than meets the eye (and not in a good way).

Ashley asks Maggie (Julie Gonzalo) for relationship advice. Maggie, still clearly in love with Eli, tries her best to give unbiased advice, but she actually ends up sabotaging Eli by deeming him "special" (a.k.a. crazy). Meanwhile, Eli somehow gets the idea that telling Ashley that he receives these visions and works for God will not drive her away, and so he does so. Naturally, it ends up driving her away.

Energy for Everyone!

Back to the aforementioned vision. Eli is transported to 2049, where he sees a television broadcast of a Nobel Peace Prize being awarded. The recipient is someone by the name of Jenny Clark, a woman who figured out nuclear cold fusion and thus was responsible for basically saving the world. Eli correctly deduces from this vision that the present day Jenny Clark is in need of his services.

The 2008 Jenny Clark does not resemble the sophisticated genius who receives the Nobel Prize in 2049. She is a 22 year-old college dropout who hangs out in a trailer park, and has been arrested by the FBI for charges of terrorism. Seems like Jenny has been researching nuclear energy on her property and the feds believe that she is building a bomb.

With Taylor (Natasha Henstridge) and Jordan (Victor Garber) involved in a subplot of their own, Eli recruits Keith (Jason George) to assist him on the case, mainly because Keith is the only other series regular at the firm. The case is straightforward and actually fairly easy; it is obvious from her notebooks and lack of bomb building materials that Jenny is not building a bomb. Eli quickly gets a nuclear physicist to corroborate the fact that she is simply doing research for the betterment of the world. Jenny helps out by testifying that the government knows the true purpose of her research, and that they are looking to protect the interests of big oil by putting her behind bars. For good measure, she throws in a tidbit about her father inventing a fuel efficient engine in the 1970s, only to have it, and himself, killed by the government.

The judge and prosecutor eventually admit that Jenny's intentions are pure; however there is still the matter of her illegal possession of nuclear materials. Eli manages to save the day when he looks up the man who gave the Nobel Prize to Jenny in his vision, a man who is currently conducting cold fusion research legally at a facility. The man is able to convince the judge to drop all charges as long as Jenny comes to work for him. Mark the calendar folks; in 2049 all of our energy problems will be solved.

Jordan Gets Divorced

Jordan's divorce, mentioned briefly in several previous episodes, gets its own subplot this week. Taylor convinces Jordan to let her represent him, despite the fact that she will have to go up against her stepmother, Ellen. Things get ugly right from the start, as Jordan's soon to be ex-wife demands a large settlement. At first, Taylor is furious with her stepmom, but after a private conversation with her, she learns that there is more to the story. Apparently, Taylor always thought that her mother simply walked out on her when she was 14, but it turns out that Jordan basically forced her out because he wanted to marry Ellen. Naturally, this causes some tension between father and daughter, but by the end of the episode everything is somewhat resolved as Jordan admits his failings and says that everything he has done in his life has been for Taylor.

Chen's Business Takes a Hit

Finally, we have Dr. Chen, who spends the majority of the episode complaining about his failing practice. This seems like it has been a long time coming, because aside from one or two instances, Eli seems to be his only patient. And Eli never pays. Chen is losing his business to a competitor who has set up shop down the street.

Eli begs Dr. Chen to perform his "dark arts" on him once again, so that Eli can get a clearer view of his future. He even offers to pay. Chen refuses, saying that it is too dangerous. An acupuncturist who refuses to perform acupuncture? No wonder his business is in the toilet. Eli instead goes to Chen's competitor, who acquiesces to his demands. In the "dark vision," Eli sees that his brother is getting left at the altar. His brother is planning on getting married in a week, so needless to say, there is not much time to go all Super Eli and fix things.

Thoughts on this week's episode? What will happen at Nate's wedding in Vegas? Does Beth leave him because of lingering feelings for Eli? What should Dr. Chen do once his acupuncture business goes belly up? Leave a comment!

Story by Derek Krebs

Starpulse contributing writer