Things are somewhat back to normal in San Francisco on Eli Stone. Eli (Jonny Lee Miller) has the aneurysm (and thus the visions) once more, pretty much everyone thinks he is crazy, and the city still has a fake baseball team (seriously guys, you can't pay a little extra to use the Giants?). Alas, the fake Barry Bonds from last season is nowhere to be seen.

A new vision, new case, and new love

The episode gets started with Eli and Nate jogging through a park. Eli mentions to Nate (Matt Letscher) that he finds it strange that he hasn't had another vision since getting the aneurysm back. Guess what's coming next? A brand-spanking new vision, courtesy of God (or is that Sigourney Weaver? George Michael?). The vision consists of Katie Holmes seductively dancing while singing a Duke Ellington favorite at a jazz club. Two things immediately come to mind when watching this scene: 1) Although it's still not great by any stretch of the imagination, Katie Holmes' voice is certainly better than back in the day when she gave an ear-piercing rendition of "On My Own" on an episode of "Dawson's Creek" and 2) Martin Posner (Tom Amandes) can no longer claim the title of "Worst Haircut on the Show." That's all you Katie.

It is love at first site for Eli, and he quickly returns to the office and asks erstwhile love interest Maggie (Julie Gonzalo) to research any cases involving Duke Ellington and/or Katie Holmes. He doesn't get a case involving either, however. Instead, he gets a fat military man whose son died in Iraq - and didn't want a military burial. His wife wants her son to have the full military send-off, but he insists that his son wanted no part of that, because he was ashamed of the war.

Eli then heads to a San Francisco "Marvels" game with his brother, where he encounters the woman from his vision. The only difference is that instead of dancing gracefully, she is clumsily spilling hotdogs and soda all over the people around her. Eli comes to the aid of the uncoordinated damsel in distress and finds out that her name, ironically enough, is Grace. She is also a lawyer, and much like the new Eli she has dedicated herself to helping the helpless. Except she does one better - she travels to third world countries to offer aid to the suffering people abroad. Eli is smitten.

After the obligatory pep talk from Chen (James Saito), who convinces Eli that with his newest vision God is trying to do the impossible and get him a girlfriend, Eli asks out Grace. At first she says no (traveling to Kenya in two days), but he brings her 12 hotdogs and she acquiesces. Take note all of you lovelorn guys out there - hotdogs are the way to a woman's heart.

The case

Eli manages to multi-task and stays focused on the case while wooing Grace. A happy video that the soldier son sent to his mom days before he died (of a heart abnormality, not in combat) seems to convince the court that he took pride in his military service. However, with a little prodding, Eli manages to get the dad to produce an email that his son sent to him, saying how much he hated the military and hated his dad for forcing him to follow his footsteps into service. Oh yeah, and that heart abnormality? He shouldn't have been allowed to serve because of it, but daddy dearest pulled a few strings and got sonny-boy in anyway. That is what eventually killed him, and now dad is racked with guilt. The email helps him win the case and honor his son's true last wishes, but it also costs him his wife and his reputation. The case is somewhat abnormal for the series in that it is fairly straightforward and doesn't allow for too many "Super Eli" moments.

Jordan's mess

Meanwhile Jordan (Victor Garber), who has had a 180-degree change in ideology from the beginning of season one, confides to Eli that he wants to drop every single one of the firm's clients (most of them evil big businesses) and work solely for "the little guy." Even Eli is shocked by this drastic decision, and needless to say fellow Senior Partners Marcy Klein (Katie Sagal) and Martin Posner are less than thrilled with the prospect of losing tens of millions of dollars. So, they decide to take out a court order against Jordan in an attempt to block his decision and have him removed from his position of influence.

Hey Jordan, how about this? Why not let them have the firm? Then you can take Eli and Maggie and start a new one. Weathersby, Stone and Dekker would have no trouble getting off the ground. After all, you would already have God on retainer, how many other clients do you really need?

Eli's love…continued

Eli has a great date with Grace, and he discovers that someone mysteriously invited her to the baseball game so that the two of them would meet. Who was it? Sigourney Weaver? George Michael? Dr. Chen? Nope. It was none other than brother Nate. Nate discovered their dad's old journal, which conveniently enough chronicles Eli's life at the present time (dad died ten years ago), and has all sorts of interesting tidbits about his present and future. Looks like God truly does have a plan for the prophet formally known as Eli Stone.

As for Grace? She still goes to Kenya, but not before Eli discovers that she suffers from a heart condition which could kill her at any moment, similar to his aneurysm. From that information he concludes that they are the perfect couple, as they are both liable to drop dead at any time. It certainly sounds like a match made in heaven.

Thoughts on Katie Holmes' appearance? Do you think that Jordan will lose the firm? Should he and Eli start a different one? Leave a comment!

Story by Derek Krebs

Starpulse contributing writer