We have more Mycroft Holmes this week, which is all sorts of awesome. Let's take a look at the case first, because it actually didn't interest me all that much. The stuff about our main characters, however, was excellent, and the focus was well balanced. Plus, we have a very surprising twist! If you haven't seen the episode, don't read this, because I actually wouldn't dare giving away this spoiler to anyone.

So, the case started with a dead girl, and then it connected to a technology mogul who ended up being the victim's estranged father. There were some twists and turns, and the entire thing was actually motivated by money, specifically an inheritance, since the mogul was dying and the wife would make more money in an inheritance than in a divorce settlement. Actually, the whole thing was pretty basic fare. Nothing bad or uninteresting, but there's really just not much to say about the case here. I guess the little twist was okay, with the wife being the one behind it, but as motivations go, money is pretty standard and boring. We did see Joan being very helpful in solving the case, and I do like that. It's nice to continue tracking her improvement.

But then there's the rest. Mycroft is leaving New York soon, and he continually tries to make plans to have dinner with Sherlock, which Sherlock of course brushes off. Joan then tells Sherlock to spend time with his brother, and Sherlock acquiesces. While at dinner, Mycroft tells Sherlock that their father plans on kicking him out of the brownstone because he's displeased that Sherlock decided to remain in New York. The strong implication being, however, that he would continue to support Sherlock and Joan in their endeavors, were they to move to London. I now have to talk about the funniest part of the episode: Mycroft tells Sherlock that their father seems to expect Sherlock to show him gratitude for helping him get sober, and that part of that would mean returning to London. Sherlock's response to this? "Early-onset dementia is so sad." I cracked up. But anyways, Mycroft's information prompts a very emotional conversation between Sherlock and Joan, wherein Sherlock spills his heart and says that while he loves London, he is not ready to move back there, because of the amazing support system he has in New York. This system includes not only Joan but Gregson and Bell as well. Joan basically says screw your father, Sherlock, we can find somewhere else to live in New York.

Just before Mycroft is set to leave to go back to London, Sherlock gives him a letter to deliver to their father, explaining his reasons for wanting to stay in New York. Then, we see Mycroft alone. He rips up this letter and makes a phone call to an unknown recipient, saying that his plan to get Sherlock back to London didn't work, and that they will have to try something else.

Well, okay then, this is interesting. Mycroft Holmes has only been in three episodes thus far, but they've done a beautiful job with weaving his story together with Sherlock's. We can see that although Sherlock isn't totally on board with being his brother's new bff, he's still cautiously willing to accept a renewed and positive relationship with him. What makes the thought of Mycroft's betrayal so terrible is that Sherlock's acceptance of him is part of Sherlock's positive growth as a person over all. When he learns that Mycroft has betrayed him, it could seriously set back Sherlock in many aspects of his life.

Now, I do have one concern. If Mycroft was on the phone with Moriarty, which I'm sure a lot of people are speculating, I'm worried that Mycroft will be nothing more than a puppet. Or that we will just be recycling the same plot we had last season, wherein someone Sherlock thought he could trust ends up being a bad guy. I'm definitely reserving judgment - this show has surprised me a lot in the past. But taking three iconic characters - Irene Adler, Moriarty, and Mycroft - and twisting them all in some way? Well, The Irene/Moriarty thing was brilliant. I hope they have another brilliant trick like that up their sleeves, and that this Mycroft twist is more than just for shock value.

I've rambled on long enough. Although the case was nothing to get too excited about in this particular episode, I'd say the stuff with Mycroft more than made up for it. Can't wait to see what they do with that twist!