Warehouse 13, SyFy’s highest rated series in hostry, premieres its new season tonight, and after an incredible season finale last year that took the show to a darker place than it has ever been, fans are no doubt excited for tonight’s premiere at 9:00 pm ET.

Eddie McClintock who plays Warehouse Agent Pete, and Saul Rubinek, who plays Artie his boss, recently participated in a conference call with reporters and bloggers on behalf of SyFy.

Here are some key quotes from McClintock and Rubinek about the upcoming season:

Rubinek on last year’s finale which saw the destruction of Warehouse 13: “Our show is not called Giant Chasm in the Ground 13, it’s called Warehouse 13, so obviously they’re going to figure out a way to bring the Warehouse back.”

McClintock on his favorite artifact: “My favorite artifact has to be Abe Lincoln’s hat. When Pete put it on he had an uncontrollable urge to free Mrs. Fredrick. I just thought that was brilliant and I loved the fact that we can say things like that without people freaking out about it. Because we’re able to show that we come from a good place. That gives me hope - in humanity.”

Rubinek on the larger amount of episodes ordered by SyFy: “Well, they’re really two seasons. It’s really a real vote of confidence from the network and the studio to do that with us. That’s how we felt.”

McClintock on the shift in tone to darker episodes: “So it’s not necessarily that the show has taken a shift tonally, but there are these great consequences. The fact that H.G. Wells is dead. The fact that Jinks is gone. The Warehouse is gone. Mrs. Frederick is gone. We have to deal with that. And to come back from that and be jokey and ridiculous, it just wouldn’t make sense. It all seems disrespectful to the show. And again don’t get me wrong; Pete is still using his comedy to protect himself from the fact that he is devastated by the loss of his friends.”

Rubinek on balancing comedy and drama in the show: “The blend is amazing. Everybody will tell you that. I think that’ll be true of any series that you see. I mean, actors want to change things up. Listen, if Breaking Bad and Dexter weren’t also funny they wouldn’t be hits, would they? And the actors love it. All actors love it. They want to change things up. They want fast turns. They want to be able to stretch. They don’t want to get bored.”

McClintock on things to expect in the second season: “Cowboy hat, clothes pins, Harley Davidson motorcycle, bunless leather chaps.”

And finally, Rubinek on if him and McClintock switched bodies in an episode: “He’s put me on a plan - a weight loss plan immediately and I'd be in shape.”