Dylan McDermott is back on American Horror Story: Asylum this season and you could say he’s playing quite the different character—even if in his first scene, there were echoes of his first season appearance (it took place in a psychiatrist’s office.)

If you aren’t caught up on Asylum this season, you may want to stop reading now.

It was recently revealed that McDermott plays Bloody Face in the present time and is in fact, the son of the original, played by Zachary Quinto.

McDermott recently participated in a conference call with reporters to discuss his role and Asylum. Here are the highlights:

On why he returned to the show this season. “I was just fascinated by [my new character]. It was so different from, obviously, ‘Ben Harmon,’ to come back to this same show with a different character. I just thought it was a great way to make television completely different from anything you see on television, because when do you get to play different characters on the same show.”

On his character this season and where he hopes he will go. “Well, ‘Johnny Thredson,’ obviously he’s a troubled man; so where I hope he goes and where he goes are two different places, but I think he’s got a sole purpose in life and really that is, he feels so scorned by his mother. Everything is about his mother. The reason he’s doing all these horrible things is because he was rejected so harshly by his mother, obviously aborted. His father was a serial killer. His mother aborted him and he still lives. So his whole trajectory in life is really about her.”

His thoughts on his other cast members. “I think that, obviously, Jessica is always doing incredible work. It never ceases to amaze me how the performances she turns in week-in and week-out, but I also think that Sarah Paulson is doing terrific work. I think ‘Billy Dean’ … is doing terrific work and Zach Quinto and Evan Peters. I mean this season, they’re all—James Cromwell—everyone is doing remarkable work on a very high level, and last season as well.”

On whether the end of Asylum will offer viewers the same kind of closure they got at the end of the first season. “Yes, without giving anything away, I think it does. I think that you’ll be satisfied in terms of what happens. All the characters will definitely—you’ll have closure with all the characters. It’s hard to wrap up the season in one show, but I think that having read it and now performing it, I think that you’re going to be satisfied for sure.”

On if he would return for a third season. “Yes, I mean I love this show. I just think it’s just really—if I wasn’t on the show, I’d be watching it; so I’m a fan of this show as much as an actor on the show. So whatever—like I said before, I really trust Ryan and he has a great instinct with me. If he asks me to come back on, of course.”

And on SNL’s sketch about him and Dermot Mulroney. “They asked me to go there and do it, but I was working on [Asylum]. I thought it was hilarious. I mean I really thought it was funny as hell, so I don’t know what was going to happen if I came there and Dermot was there. I mean the television might blow up; I don’t know. But I really thought it was funny and how many times do you really get to be immortalized on Saturday Night Live. You can look at that and show your kids that and they’ll laugh, so I thought it was really funny.”