No one can say this season of "Dancing with the Stars" hasn't been interesting.

It's been a season of many unexpected eliminations, culminating in last week's ousting of singer Brandy and her professional partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.  The pair had consistently scored high with the judges, and received a perfect score before being voted off last Tuesday.  Celebrity eliminations are determined after their judges' scores are combined with viewer votes.

In light of considerable public support after his surprising elimination with Brandy, Maks launched a personal blog on Thursday, sharing his feelings of last week's events.

"I admit I'm upset about the outcome," he writes.

Maks sounds fairly cryptic regarding his plans for participating next season, which will be the reality show's twelfth.  

He writes: "I can’t speak to next season.  All I will say is that I have had an amazing 9 seasons. It has been an amazing experience, challenging, fun and rewarding.  I have met and worked with amazing people.  I appreciate the opportunity to have been on the show and have no regrets with regard to participating."

There's been a fair amount of outcry over Bristol Palin remaining in the competition.  She'll be dancing in the season's finale in a spot that some fans believe belongs to Brandy.

One fan was so outraged that he blasted his TV with a gun, which alerted a SWAT team into action.

Some have attributed Bristol's success on the show to an accessible personality and lack of previous dancing experience, asserting that she's improved over the course of the competition.

Others claim that being Sarah Palin's daughter has mobilized the Tea Party or conservative viewers to carry Bristol to the finale.

Maks remained relatively mum on the topic, and spends most of his first blog post supporting Brandy and thanking his fans.  But he does say: "I am a dancer. I leave politics to the politicians who are good with using media and propaganda to their advantage.  It shouldn’t be on the dance floor."

Bristol and her partner, Mark Ballas, will face off against the remaining two couples on the final night of scoring, which airs Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

Remaining contestants are actress Jennifer Grey and partner Derek Hough, as well as Disney Channel actor Kyle Massey and partner Lacy Schwimmer.

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