Ready to get your cool kung fu on?  We’re checking out the massive 11-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Box Set of "The Bruce Lee Legacy Collection" available now from Shout! Factory Home Entertainment.  We dissect everything from the flicks to features below!



THE FLICKS – 3½ / 5 stars

Despite the size of this book-like collection, there are only four flicks in this set and they range from brilliant to bad.  On the good side, "The Way of the Dragon" (which was also titled "Return of the Dragon") is by far Lee’s masterwork with the martial artist not only starring but directing as well.  Add to it some great fights (the final battle between Lee and Chuck Norris is legendary!), swank locations (the Roman Colosseum anyone?!) and an overall tone of confidence and its Lee at his finest.  Next up would be "The Big Boss," again with Lee showing how being a little guy matters not.  Third "Fist of Fury" with some great fights, but some cheesy character work by the hammy Lee and finally the shameful "Game of Death," an obvious attempt by Golden Harvest at the time to cash in on the man after his sudden passing.  (Besides, who wants to see a annoying and weepy Colleen Camp for two hours!)  I say omit the last one, put in "Enter the Dragon" and it’s five-star!