Ready for The Tom Green Sho...or stand up?  Then get on stage with us as we check out the witty or not factor of "Tom Green Live" out now on DVD from Image Entertainment.  Is it ‘my favorite show’ – find out below!



   Title: "Tom Green Live"

   Grade: 3

   Cast: Tom Green

   Director: Tom Green

   Rating: Not Rated

   Runtime: 54 minutes

   Release Company: Image Home Entertainment


The Flick: There is plenty of funny to be had with insane man Tom Green doing stand-up.  Problem is it’s not necessarily the material so much as his grandiose physical presence and moves.  I guess that’s not so far off from the previous "Tom Green Show," but Tom works best when his whole body and persona becomes involved.  Though I did get a major giggle out of the material involving his big Hollywood movie "Freddy Got Fingered."  (Inane, but funny as hell!)  A so-so stand-up with some savory on-stage antics – Tom was a jackass long before Steve O and the gang showed up.

Best Feature: Here’s where the gold lies – check out the featurette 'The History of The Tom Green Show.'  It basically encompasses all the great stuff Tom got famous for – full ass mode here funny fans. 

Best Hidden Gem: 'The History of The Tom Green Show' actually better then the stand-up special!  (Good or bad you have to decide for yourself!) 

Worth the Moola: For the awesome featurette alone - plus you can re-watch Tom getting his ass kicked!