Kids.  Woods.  Killer.  So goes the familiar set up of a generation of horror outings that now includes "Nobody Gets Out Alive" available on DVD from Image Home Entertainment.  The review of the kills and spills flows below!




    Title: "Nobody Gets Out Alive"

   Grade: 1

   Cast: Jen Dance, Clint Howard, Brian Gallagher

   Director: Jason Christopher

   Rating: Not Rated

   Runtime: 78 minutes

   Release Company: Image Home Entertainment



The Flick: The trouble with "Nobody Gets Out Alive" isn’t even its obvious ultra low budget, which can sometimes be charming for fare of this type.  The problem here is the horror lacks - this one gets the uninspired killer and kills award of the year for sure.  (Exactly how many original kids get killed in the woods stories are left to tell anyway?!)  Plus Nobody isn’t all that sure what it wants to be – is it a slasher flick, vengeance picture or psychological thriller?  (No matter as it fails on all accounts!)  Plus just sticking Clint Howard in a small and insignificant role does not a cool flick make.  Boring, lame and altogether tedious, alive or dead this one barely registers a memorable movie pulse.   

Best Feature: A 'Making-of' Retrospective seems much more interested in chatting up the ways they got funding and shot on such a low budget – too bad the story wasn’t as colorfully unique.

Best Hidden Gem: Of the lame forest troupe, I actually like the strange and slightly obnoxious role played by Chris Ready – give that guy a better movie!

Worth the Moola: Even for forgotten fare when everything else is rented, this one still doesn’t come to mind.