Leather face seemed extreme, but pig face?  We’re checking out the very eerie looking "Madison County" out now on DVD from Image Entertainment.  Human cuts and slices with a smile – serving the review up below!




   Title: "Madison County"

   Grade: 1

   Cast: Colley Bailey, Matt Mercer, Ace Marreto

   Director: Eric England

   Rating: Unrated

   Runtime: 82 minutes

   Release Company: Image Entertainment

   Website: www.watchimage.com




The Flick: As a horror outing "Madison County" starts off gamey and just gets worse.  Not only does it have a familiar ‘kids out looking for trouble’ story premise and a gang of stereotypical and dull teens (bad guy, geeky guy, jock type, ect.), but this one features some of the worst 80’s porn music I’ve ever heard.  Mix that with a killer who’s not scary (a severed pig head only made me hungry for bacon!), effects that feel Grade-B and one non-ending that makes you wonder where the last eighty-two minutes went and you’ve got a forgettable film that even the bargain bin would reject on principle.

Best Feature: I could barely get through the commentary, but at least the 'Screamfest Q&A' session is quick and has some unintentionally funky camera blunders.

Best Hidden Gem: There is a creepy killer granny waitress that did give me the willies – does that count?!

Worth the Moola: Kiss you axe goodbye?  Nah, kiss your hard earned dollars goodbye!