Ready for a little high-flying, leaping, tuck and roll vaulting parkour style gang race for life and death?  Then check the review of the fast paced new to DVD flick "Freerunner" out this week from the folks at Image Entertainment.  Jump to the skinny below!




   Title: "Freerunner"

   Grade: 4

   Cast: Sean Faris, Tamer Hassan, Rebecca Da Costa

   Director: Lawrence Silverstein

   Rating: R

   Runtime: 88 minutes

   Release Company: Image Entertainment





The Flick: What’s funny about "Freerunner" is how truly awful and trite the initial first act set up is.  Everything from the cheesy relationship between lead Sean Faris and his perfectly rancid girlfriend Rebecca Da Costa (who almost tanks the film single handedly with her atrocious non-acting!) to the done-to-death story device of one last run for all the bread totally screams movie of the week.  But suddenly the flick takes a sharp turn for the best and the gamey gang of parkour leaping gents find themselves jumping for their lives to stay upright.  It’s there in a clever mix of "District 13: Ultimatum" and "13: Game of Death" that the picture goes from bad to badass and it’s well worth checking out.  (Plus there’s even a super gratuitous nude shot deliciously out of nowhere – way to go guys!)  

Best Feature: The featurette on 'Parkour/Freerunning' shows some of the tasty tricks within and these guys are the real deal.

Best Hidden Gem: The little blonde announcer played by sultry minx Casey Durkin, who shows both sex and sass as the stylish host of the 'death' defying version of the freerunning game – hubba, hubba!

Worth the Moola: If you can get past the whole trying to get Gramps out of the home opening bit, it’s a free-for-all ride that’s a ton of fun.