The squeaky voice – could it be Pee Wee Herman?  Nope!  It’s high-pitched hero Fred Figglehorn on another wild adventure via the new to DVD "Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred" out this week from Lionsgate.  Check out the scary review below!




   Title: "Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred"

   Grade: 0

   Cast: Lucas Cruikshank, John Cena, Daniella Monet

   Director: John Fortenberry

   Rating: Not Rated

   Runtime: 83 minutes

   Release Company: Lionsgate





The Flick: I’ll admit it – I never saw "Fred 1."  But I will watch and review anything sent my way, plus with the title an obvious homage to the Romero flick how bad could it be?  Answer – real bad.  Holy moly, this is by far one of the worst films ever.  How could a turd of a flick like this be made, let alone be a sequel?  The hero of the title is a goofy teenager with enough treble on his voice box to make him the fourth Chipmunk.  What’s even more disturbing then the proposed monster of the title (he’s a supposed vampire actually!), is the fact that everyone is trying to play it straight next to this helium filled flake named Fred.  If this is what today’s kids dig, consider this old man worm food.

Best Feature: There’s a ton of Fred heavy 'Videos' and 'featurettes' (does anyone really want more Fred?!), though at least in the ‘Making of the Splatter’ doc actor Lucas Cruikshank finally reveals his normal voice!

Best Hidden Gem: At least WWE heavy John Cena, here playing Fred’s imaginary father figure, had more life then he did in "The Marine!"

Worth the Moola: Hardly.  If you saw the first film and are dying to rekindle the sparks with part two, check your pulse.