Looking for a little early Bradley Cooper movie action to help you get over your hangover?  Then look no further then the 2002 now on DVD flick "Bending All The Rules" hitting shelves June 21 from Lionsgate.  Skinny below!




   Title: "Bending All The Rules"

   Grade: 1 1/2

   Cast: Colleen Porch, David Gale, Bradley Cooper

   Director: Morgan Klein and Peter Knight

   Rating: R

   Runtime: 92 minutes

   Release Company: Lionsgate

   Website: www.lionsgatedvd.com





The Flick: The good news is that the resurrected for DVD 2002 film "Bending All The Rules" has a witty winning script with two equally decent male leads in Bradley “A-Team” Cooper and David Gale playing gentlemen callers dating and infatuated with the same gal.  Bad news is that not only is the on-set sound recording almost inaudible and dubbing blatantly obvious (all sound folks attached to this flick should be horsewhipped!), but the girl in demand Colleen Porch has the most mundane and stoic delivery since Beldar Conehead.  (Why in the hell would two guys be fighting over this one-note wonder woman?!)  It’s obvious the two co-directors Morgan Klein and Peter Knight picked Porch because of her Amazonian good looks, but look past the wet pouty lips and the emotional dry land lay barren.  (If you don’t believe me, listen to her voice-over when she’s not on screen – I dare you!)  It’s really a shame because there are some clever situations (love the tales of a young Porch learning how to grift!) and laid groundwork for moving dramatic scenes (the mother-daughter reunion bits would have been amazing with anyone but Porch!), but someone in this should be winning cinematic match dropped the quality leading lady ball – game over.     

Best Feature: No features on this puppy – bending all the rules of including extras!

Best Hidden Gem: Not for myself (I’m a red blooded male!), but in lieu of any decent female skin, there is a shot of David Gale and Bradley Cooper from behind for all fans of their…body of work?

Worth the Moola: All flicks are gonna have good and bad elements, but when the bad overshadows the goods it’s certainly not a "must see" sign.  With horrible audio that takes you out of the story and an inadequate actress who makes Paris Hilton look like Olivier, don't bend all the movie rules like avoiding films you’ve never heard of.