A bitter man with nothing to lose – not a great driving companion!  We’re checking out the new to DVD thriller "Amber Alert – Terror on the Highway" out July 29 from Nasser Group North.  We review the effectiveness of the amber alert below!


   Title: "Amber Alert – Terror on the Highway"

   Grade: 1

   Cast: Tom Berenger, Britt McKillip, Torri Higginson

   Director: George Mendeluk

   Rating: Not Rated

   Runtime: 90 minutes

   Release Company: Nasser Group North

   Website: www.nasserentertainment.com


The Flick: For some reason "Amber Alert – Terror on the Highway" feels like a TV movie.  I didn’t do any research to back it up, but the acting, staging and overall tone of this one screams movie of the week.  It wouldn’t be such a tragedy except the film sports the very able Tom Berenger (yes, he of "Platoon" and "Shoot To Kill" fame!) in a role that’s way beneath him and gives the actor nothing to play with.  (aka he’s wasted here!)  The rest of the cast has the sting of soap opera and when the focus of the flick turns from Berenger’s bitter man to more an amber alert commercial it’s time to tune out.

Best Feature: The omission of any features on this disc sorta says it all.

Best Hidden Gem: There’s one scene where a recently released from prison Berenger confronts his ex-wife – too bad the whole flick didn’t take on such a potent tone.

Worth the Moola: The only reason to see this one is for Berenger, but he’s been better.  (Want to see him bitter...and better – get "The Substitute!")