Ready for some After Dark fun in…Area 51?  Well, then check out the DVD review of the new original from After Dark entitled "51" out this week from Lionsgate.  The secrets are finally revealed below!




   Title: "51"

   Grade: 3

   Cast: Bruce Boxleitner, Rachel Miner, Jason London

   Director: Jason Connery

   Rating: R

   Runtime: 90 minutes

   Release Company: Lionsgate





The Flick: As far as cheesy horror/sci-fi flicks go, "51" is good fromage.  Actor/Director Jason Connery stages his tale about the infamous Area 51 with skill and his cast is even better.  From leading military man Bruce Boxleitner (not to mention a bulked up Jason London!) to Dan Rather-esk newsman John Shea, everyone plays their parts well.  Though the stand out work within definitely goes to hot-but-believably tough army gal Rachel Miner, who relishes her tough woman role for every morsel it’s worth.  (She kicks ass!)  The creatures themselves range from gamey to good, but thankfully Connery keeps the glimpses quick – a sure fire sign of a filmmaker who knows the genre.

Best Feature: There’s only one here, namely a ‘Behind the Scenes’ which isn’t fantastic, but everyone does get a chance to chat.  (Some a little too much!)

Best Hidden Gem: Again, Miner takes what could have been a throwaway role and infuses some sweet feminine action.

Worth the Moola: As far as the After Dark originals go, this one is much like the area of the title – worth checking out.