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25 Men who look like old lesbians - Cracked

Six rejected versions of Rock Band and Guitar Hero - Maxim

Hilary Duff is all growed up and wants you to "Reach Out" and touch her

David Beckham checks out the Laker Girls. No word if he wants to flash them - Celebslam

The 25 hottest celebrity halloween costumes ever. Hugh Hefner going as Hugh Hefner is a classic! - World of Isaac

20 Costumes That Will Earn You a Halloween Beating - Cracked

The best "Guitar Hero World Tour" ad ever:

Anne Hathaway smokes in the new issue of Vogue - The Blemish

This is what $250,000 looks like wrapped around a pole - Tasty Booze

The other day's Links post inspired us to revisit this classic:

Awesome pictures of London at night -

Today's WTF: Presidential candidate Cabbage Patch Kids - Pop Bytes

Quote of the day:

Actress/singer Jennifer Ellison is quite attractive - On 205th

Fanboys Won't Get to See Fanboys Until 2009 - Film Junk

Retire your razor for November: it's 'National Beard Growing Month' -

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