The time has finally arrived for Grayson’s wedding day, and Jane has finally reconciled herself that both her and Grayson has moved on she even accepts duties as his best man. One of those duties, perhaps the most important one is the ring and that’s where the episode begins.

We see Jane on her way to work picking up Grayson’s wedding rings where everyone she encounters all believe she is the bride, then after leaving the store, on the phone with Stacey on her way to work Jane is held up and robbed at gunpoint with Grayson’s wedding rings being the object of the robbers affections. As Jane is trying to reason with the robber to take anything but, she is saved when an officer sees the robber and comes to her rescue.  Jane thanks the officer, but unfortunately along with the robber they have to take the wedding rings as evidence.  Meanwhile, at the firm Parker assigns Grayson a case involving a father of an old friend. Grayson’s client is a man who’s camel Missy was seized by animal control because Missy’s owner Mr. Cole Lambert was illegal bottling and selling her milk over the internet.  Jane seems to continue to have her own problems, when she shows up in court to try to persuade the judge to give her back Grayson’s wedding rings, but instead despite the conflict of interest and the fact that she is both the victim and key witness, the judge wanting to get her vacation on the road appoints Jane to the robber’s legal counsel in the absence of the public defender.  After pleading with the judge to change her mind to no avail, Jane suggests her client to plead not guilty but the defendant insists on pleading guilty leaving Jane confused.  Curious about her client Keith’s willingness to go to jail, Jane visits Keith in prison and finds out that Keith can’t afford treatment for the hepatitis he contracted in prison unless he stays there.  Jane decides that she is going to stay on as his lawyer and take on his case suing the prison.  With Kim, newly back at the firm and not having taken on any new cases Parker tells Kim to be second chair at Jane’s trial, Kim agrees without a fight because she feels Parker sees her as an employee again not an ex-girlfriend. Speaking of Ex-girlfriends Stacey has a mouthful to tell Fred at lunch. 

Stacey tells Fred she’s afraid to read the poem Vanessa selected for the wedding because she was selected to read the same poem twice before at two of her friends marriages both which were quickly dissolved so Fred suggests Stacey tries to convince Vanessa to change her mind about the poem, but Vanessa’s mind is made up the poem stays.

Meanwhile as a wedding present Terri offers to give Vanessa and Grayson dance lessons for their wedding so they can perfect their first dance. The couple reluctantly agrees and soon Grayson finds himself with Terri and her dance partner with Dancing with the Stars Louis Van Amstel making a cameo as her partner. When Vanessa fails to show up, Grayson is left in the uncomfortable position of taking a private dance lesson that ends badly.

Back at the office, Mr. Lambert informs Parker that Missy’s milk is safe but it can’t be proven because a test to legalize the milk doesn’t exist, it’s then that Grayson arrives to inform Mr. Lambert that Missy is in the process of being adopted by a zoo in Minneapolis. As if he doesn’t have enough to worry about on the heels of his disastrous dance session Grayson heads to Jane’s office to talk about his fears of his first dance with Vanessa. Jane doles out some of Deb’s wisdom suggesting Grayson count in a Russian accent to help him concentrate and move to the beat. Just as Jane and Grayson are having a moment Vanessa shows up and cuts in. 

Back in court, Jane with the help of Dr. Bill’s expertise learns that the prison Keith was sent to is privately operated and uses a compassionate early release to save money on sick prisoners who require intensive or expensive treatment.  To get the prison to admit the truth Jane arranges a meeting with the CEO of the company and confronts him about the treatment of it’s prisoners and about all the evidence she’s learned and when he hears that he tries to buy her off while Kim is in the next room taping the whole conversation.  After sending the tapes to the D. A. the prison agrees to a settlement, which will pay for Keith’s treatment and Jane, gets Grayson’s wedding rings back.

In another courtroom, Mr. Lambert’s trial is underway, and the judge is about to dismiss his case when Grayson makes the point that Camel milk shouldn’t be illegal if products that use it as an ingredient are already being sold in local convenience stores. The judge reinstates Mr. Lambert as Missy’s owner and releases him from jail.

Finally, the moment is here and Jane makes it to the ceremony just in time for it to start, but nothing is happening when Jane suddenly gets a text from Vanessa to meet her on the bridge. Jane tells Stacey to read her poem, while she finds out what’s going on. On the bridge, Vanessa tells Jane that there is something missing between her and Grayson and she deserves more they both do. Heartbroken, Vanessa gets in the car and drives away leaving Jane to inform Grayson that his impending nuptials are not to be. As Jane somberly walks to the alter she whispers into Grayson’s ear and he is shocked and disillusioned. Once the dusts settles, later that night Jane finds a very drunk Grayson unable to make it back to his room, after reassuring him everything will be okay and getting him settled in his room they fall on the bed together and hesitating to push him off when he falls asleep on top of her closes her eyes and rests by the love of her life’s side, only he doesn’t know it.