After a long awaited summer with many cliffhangers and previews on the upcoming season Drop Dead Diva returned for it’s season three premiere but after much hype left a lot to be desired.  The show began with a preview of last season’s cliffhanger where Grayson had asked Jane to be his Best Man as he proposed to fellow lawyer Vanessa.  Jane who was about to reveal her true identity to him, as his dead former fiancée Deb never gets the chance. Jane so devastated by Grayson’s news says I’m sorry and runs out leaving Grayson to chase after her. As Grayson screams for Jane running across the street she turns back only to see him get hit by a car screaming “No, Grayson”, and is left helplessly in the road cradling Grayson in her arms, it is then at that moment Grayson gazes up at her and whispers “Deb” before falling into a coma. This is where the new season picks up.

The new season opens in the hospital where they have brought Grayson with Jane asleep she begins having dreams that Grayson died and knows who she is and they can be together once again, and like Deb when she died Grayson too has been transported into multiple bodies. A montage which is followed by a very ill-conceived and poorly timed cheesy rendition of Thelma Houston’s “ Don’t Leave Me This Way” which can only be attributed to showcasing lead Brooke Elliott’s powerful voice and use it as a time consuming tactic to fill some of the gaps and fluff left in the episode.  Once this montage is complete, the scene cuts to Kim who has left the firm and is running her office from a coffee Shop?

Kim has left due to Parker’s womanizing ways and disrespect of her and their relationship, however she finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place when she finds herself defending one of her former client’s Penny against the client’s ex-husband who wooed his ex-wife for a  “ booty call” saying he changed his philandering ways only to hurt her once again. Kim who still feeling the sting left by her broken relationship with Parker sues the man for false advertising. A win for her, when his therapist attests he only says he’s a changed man but his confession in therapy and outside behavior proves otherwise.

Jane who has been laying vigil by Grayson’s besides finds herself consumed by her feelings for Grayson wanting to disclose her true identity but is distracted and confused by the advice of her friends Fred and Stacy and gets a little help from her “judge” a dream sequence featuring Paula Abdul.  Further complicating things Parker assigns Jane to a hit and run case further complicating her feelings and her judgment. 

Jane is assigned a “ Whale” of a client a whale being a high profile case that will garner the attention of the public. The target movie star Tim Klein who is charged with hit and run involving a twelve-year old girl. Jane takes along her new intern Stacy whose knowledge and obsession with movie stars actually help Jane plead her case.

Klein says he’s innocent, he has an alibi he was home alone the night of the accident and his car was stolen but with no way to prove his innocence he remains the prime suspect. A bad situation that only turns worse when the young girl dies for her injuries, leaving Tim’s manager and brother Mark to confess to the murder. Just one problem Mark’s too tall.

Meanwhile, Kim and Parker try to iron out their client’s dispute through arbitration but find it hard to reconcile their client’s case let alone their own when Parker apologizes to Kim and asks for another chance but she says “ No” refusing to hear him out.

Back in court, Jane brings in Tim’s soon to be ex-wife Lana who came by his house the night of the accident to pick up a package that was delivered at his home meant for her attesting that his alibi is true.  After a damaging testimony and a short recess, Stacy might have found the key to Tim’s innocence a tiny little ball.

After viewing pictures of the car after Tim’s accident Stacy notices that not only has the seat been pushed up and locked in to a position which could only accompany a shorter person but while testing the car they find a Styrofoam packing material which is consistent with the package that the client’s ex-wife Lana had picked up and after taking her measurements was implicated and charged with the murder of the little girl. Tim is a free man.

Jane’s frustration with her case and the entanglements it has created in her life are further complicated by the fact that Grayson is now awake and wants to see her.

Jane rushes to the hospital, but Fred guardian angel and friend warns her it may not be what she thinks. Jane then proceeds to yell at Fred blaming him for Grayson’s accident and not warning her it would happen and that Grayson not remembering her, as Deb would be his fault.  She then rushes off to see Grayson.

Entering the room, Jane is expecting Grayson to see her as Deb and declare his love for her. She is shocked to hear that amnesia due to the accident has Grayson forgetting everything that happened after the accident only what happened just before proposing to Vanessa and asking Jane to be his made of honor. Jane happily agrees but is devastated deep down inside. Her grief is further exasperated by the fact, that due to life’s fragilities Grayson and Vanessa want to move up their wedding date making it one month away! Jane’s smile and short –lived happiness of a long engagement is masked by a forced smile. She walks out with her head high but a broken heart. The episode closes with what are sure to be many things to be discovered and resolved this season on the show.