Ashley Greene and Chord Overstreet recently hosted NYLON’s August 2012 release at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles and of course no party is complete without the drinks! We got the scoop from sponsor Voli Light Vodka on what the stars sipped and savored on. Plus, they are all skinny cocktails too. What more could you want?

Raspberry Goddess

-         Voli Rasberry Cocoa

-         Cranberry Juice

-         Lime Squeeze

-         110 Calories


Summer Sweetheart

-         Voli Raspberry Cocoa

-         Fresh Lime Squeeze

-         Agave Nectar

-         Spring Mint

-         120 Calories


Raspberry Lemonade

-         Voli Raspberry Cocoa

-         Diet Lemonade

-         2 Lime Wedges

-         85 Calories