A nude drawing of Kate Winslet which featured in Titanic is expected to fetch as much as $16,000 at auction.

The illustration of Winslet reclining on a sofa and wearing nothing but a diamond necklace is sketched by Leonardo DiCaprio's artist character Jack Dawson in the 1997 epic film.

The movie's director James Cameron was actually responsible for the drawing, which features the initials of DiCaprio's character and the date April 14, 1912 - the day before the Titanic sank.

Cameron's artwork is expected to be the star lot at Premiere Props' memorabilia auction on Saturday and Sunday.

A spokesperson for the firm says, "This is a wonderful piece of memorabilia (from) one the biggest grossing films of all time."

Kate, who won an Oscar for her role in The Reader in 2009, recently revealed where she keeps her Academy Award: "I keep my Oscar in the toilet because everyone wants to touch it, hold it and go, 'Oh my gosh! How heavy is it?' So I thought if I put it in the loo, people can avoid the whole, 'Where's your Oscar? thing' and sneakily have a little you know... and put it back down again."



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