Frequent Oprah guest Dr. Oz is getting his own syndicated talk show and he has a plan to bring medical education to the public. You might not believe what he's got on his agenda.

"There are three problems women face over the age of 35," Oz said. "Lack of sex, we have a sexual famine in America right now. Lack of energy, and an understanding of what's going on hormonally so they can customize it to themselves. Women are the army for us on the show. You're the ones that will go out and spread the word in your communities and in your families. Although we know from your experience with Ms. Winfrey that a lot of men watch the programs as well, women are the ones who actually get change to happen. So it's imperative that we address all three of those topics."

Wait a minute. Go back to the sex part. "All right, so here's the data. The average male in America has sex once a week, so by translation, roughly, once a week for women as well. And so we looked at the data on sexuality and longevity and this is data from two different studies, one was from North Carolina, a large study done at Duke in the early '60s. The other one was from Caerphilly, Wales, where they followed populations out. It turns out for men, if you can double your sexual activity from once a week to twice a week, you will live on average about three years longer. Now, I'm not saying because you're having more sex, you're living longer. But men who have more sex do live longer."

Yeah, baby. "It means, number one, that the penis works and for the male, the penis is a dipstick for your health. If it's working, everything else is probably working, too. When it's not, it could be a bunch of things, but something's not right. So it's a good litmus test if things are shaping up the way they're supposed to. For women, it's not about amount of sex. It's about quality of sex. They need loving, nurturing, sexual relationships in their lives. So if it's loving and nutritive and conjugal, then, of course, it works for them as well. That data, by the way, doesn't have an asymptote, so if you double it again, you get that much more benefit. We didn't study people who had 800 events a year, because there aren't that many of them. But certainly, going from once a week to twice a week is a very rational adjustment in expectations. Women have to want to have the sex, so that's why the sexual famine issue is so important for us."

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So, can we get a doctor's note to make our girlfriends save our lives? "Men don't realize that foreplay is a 24 hour event. You've got to plan ahead. A lot of it is we don't put emphasis on it. If it's sort of at the end of the day when you have time, it doesn't happen. It's got to be a very, very important part of a relationship. When a couple stop having sex, it's often correlated with problems within the marriage as well. Sex has other roles. It brings together people. It's that zen experience we all crave in life but you get it naturally. If you don't do it right, then of course it doesn't have that effect."

What do I know? I'm single. The doctor has a prescription for that too. "Best thing I ever did was get married."

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Story/Interview by Fred Topel

Starpulse contributing writer

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