Last night's episode of Survivor sets up this Sunday's grand finale, in which one of the remaining competitors will be crowned Ultimate Survivor and get the one million dollar check that goes along with it. Bob, Sugar, Matty, Susie, Crystal, and Kenny all had their eyes on the prize going into last night's challenges.

After the last tribal council, Kenny felt betrayed by Bob, who said he had a hidden immunity idol. The idol turned out to be a fake, and to make it up to him, Bob said that if he won the next immunity challenge, he would turn the necklace over to Kenny.

Bob had won the last two challenges going into the reward challenge. Once again, Bob bested the rest by navigating the obstacle course and making three basketball shots the fastest. For winning, Bob got to go to a wildlife preservation, and he chose to take Kenny and Crystal along with him. Bob felt like he was on the outside still, and while there, he tried to talk them into aligning with him. Kenny felt like they needed to get out Matty, and he said that they would vote for Matty, not Bob.

At the ensuing immunity challenge, it would again be Bob that emerged victorious. Bob, who has showed impressive puzzle solving skills, put a mask together…while blindfolded…to win his fourth straight challenge.

When tribal council rolled around, Bob was feeling regretful about his promise to Kenny earlier. He knew that if he relinquished the necklace, it was likely that people would vote for him. He decided to renege on his deal and keep the necklace himself. It looked like Matty might be the one to go. However, Sugar had a change of heart. She decided that Kenny and Crystal were being to manipulative, and "the good people should win in the end." She gave her hidden immunity idol she had found on Exile Island to Matty, and when he played it at the tribal council, all votes for him wouldn't count. The rest of the votes were for Crystal, and she became the newest member of the jury that will pick the winner on Sunday night.

So here's how it lines up for the finale: Final Five: Bob, Kenny, Matty, Susie, Sugar Jury: Charlie, Marcus, Corrine, Randy, Crystal

The Finale will feature two more tribal councils to bring it down to a final three, and then the seven members of the Jury will vote for a new Ultimate Survivor. Right now, it would appear that Kenny's conniving finally has the others fed up with him, and he is the next to go if he does not win immunity. If Bob can manage to make the finals, I feel the jury will reward him with the title. However, if the others see that this is likely the case, and vote Bob out, it could be anyone's million to win.

Don't miss the Survivor finale Sunday night scheduled to start at 8/7c on CBS, and followed by the Survivor: Gabon reunion, featuring all 18 of this season's castaways.

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Story by Kevin Olsta

Starpulse contributing writer