Scottish actor Dougray Scott has no idea why he's often cast as a villain - because in real life he's more likely to "run away from a dangerous situation" than become embroiled in the drama.

The star was hand-picked by Tom Cruise to appear as bad guy Sean Ambrose in Mission: Impossible II, but Scott admits he's baffled why he was picked for the role.

He says, "I don't know what that's about because I'm no tough guy. I'm not a fighter. I'm more likely to run away from a dangerous situation that to confront it."

He was also surprised when he met with convicted criminals for a TV role. "They were very interesting individuals... What surprised me was how different they were from what I had expected. You expect to find... a gangster. Actually, what you find is a person who has a life, who has hopes and fears. There was even a gentleness to one of the guys I met, which was very unexpected."