Not only is Doug Reinhardt one of LA's most sought after bachelors, but this TV star is all about using this stardom for a cause. On December 10th in NYC, Doug will take part in the "Fight for Humanity Gala" benefiting the Somaly Mam Foundation. By stepping into the boxing ring, all of the money raised at this star studded event will help this charity's powerful mission: to bring an end to human trafficking. Other celebs like Emmanuelle Chriqui, Petra Nemcova, and even Susan Sarandon support the works of Somaly Mam so Starpulse caught up with Doug for an exclusive check in before his big fight goes down this Friday.

Can you tell Starpulse more about your involvement with the "Fight for Humanity Gala" benefiting the Somaly Mam Foundation?  

I am honored to be involved and help raise awareness and contribute in anyway I can. This is a great foundation that has been empowering young women and restoring the lives of victims of trafficking and abuse. I will be in the ring against nightlife tastemaker Jeff Ader and have been training 2 times a day, six days a week in preparation. I'm in the best shape of my life!