Don't Do It Wrong: Food Etiquette Faux Pas From Around the World

Every culture has their own set of dining rules and etiquette that they follow. Things that we do here like asking for extra cheese on our pizza may be an insult if we were visiting another country, or the way that you cut your food or hold your utensils may mean something of which you are unaware. 

So, before you travel to foreign lands and venture into a dining establishment, make yourself aware of their customs before you insult their chef.

Here are the most popular etiquette mistakes American's make when they travel:


holding chopsticks

The Pointy End

Don't hold the pointed end of one or both of your chopsticks if you are going to use them to eat. If you do, people will think that you are 'losing face' since you do not know the face of the chopsticks from the feet.

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