The "Shrek" movies are known for the recognizable voices of their celebrity stars as much as they are for their touching, irreverent fairy tales. By the time they got to do "Shrek Forever After," the actors had some war stories of meeting families and having to turn it on in public.

There’s no separating Antonio Banderas from Puss in Boots.

“I remember a couple of times where, a woman came to me once in a supermarket with her kid who was like five years old and said to me, ‘Look! Look! It’s Puss in Boots!,’” Banderas said. “The kid looks up to me and says, ‘No mom, that’s Zorro.’  You don’t know what to do in that circumstance.  It’s weird.”

If you see Cameron Diaz, she’ll try to stop you before you spoil it for your kids.

“It’s actually the same thing as Antonio,” she said. “I had the parents come and said, ‘You know this is, this is princess Fiona.’ And kids like, literally holding tears, you know. I always tell people ‘No,’ and I try to stop them before they you know tell them. You know as a kid you believe that the characters that you are watching the falling love with them and you want to believe that real, you don’t want believe that there is a human being in there, the same way you want to believe Santa Claus or Easter Bunny. You don’t want that to be ruined in themselves. So it is one of those things where [I say], ‘Moms, please don’t tell them. Let it be. Let Fiona’s existence be Fiona.’”

Mike Myers is happy to put on the Scottish ogre voice for a special occasion, maybe because it’s not his own everyday voice. However, he's disappointed how mundane it can become.

“I called kids that have the measles, like sick or whatever,” Myers said. “I am always shocked how incredibly accepting they are that Shrek is calling them. ‘Ah, Shrek good.’ Isn’t it just a little extraordinary? That’s the part always kills me. ‘Can you put Tooth Fairy on now?’ Yeah, I will get the Tooth Fairy.”

"Shrek Forever After" opens Friday.

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